Not only clothing, but also upholstered furniture and carpets attract animal hair. Even on hard floors, such as laminate or parquet flooring, animal hair is a big problem. The hair combines with the dust in the apartment to form nasty lumps. As a pet owner, you don’t have to despair, because we present you the best vacuum cleaner that tackle dog hair and dirt.

General “preventive measures”

Most dog and cat owners have gotten used to a good cleaning rhythm over time so that the animal hairs lying around are kept to a minimum. This is especially important when unexpected visitors come to the house.
Enhance the food with protein & fatty acids

In their diet, livestock farmers should make sure that they have a sufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids and sufficient protein. The animals need the protein to produce the important keratin (main component of hair). If dogs or cats have a protein deficiency, they lose significantly more hair, because the hair becomes brittle more quickly.

With additional linseed oil (note allergy tolerance) or salmon oil, the animals get a perfect shine and lose significantly less hair. Some feed products already contain these important ingredients.
Brushing cats and dogs daily

Brushing is most effective with an underfur brush. With such a brush, all loose hairs are simply pulled out of the animal’s fur, and as a result there are significantly fewer hairs flying around in the apartment, car or house.

Tip: Alternatively, pet owners can also use a microfibre rag and stroke their pet with it. This is an excellent way to remove brittle and loose hairs.

If your dog or cat doesn’t mind a vacuum cleaner, pet brush nozzles are a practical solution. With these you can brush your pet’s coat while your vacuum cleaner is running, so all loose pet hairs are sucked in immediately.
Daily vacuum cleaning

Variant 1: Use an animal hair vacuum cleaner and vacuum daily
Variant 2: Use a suction robot suitable for animal hair and program it so that the robot sucks every day. In addition, an animal hair vacuum cleaner should be used 2 to 3 times per week.

Wash the clothes with a special washing program for animal hair

Buy a dryer – in this one, all the animal hairs that are in your clothes or blankets are rigorously thrown out. Although a dryer is not exactly cheap, it reduces the animal hairs considerably.
Special blankets

Does your cat or dog regularly spend time on the couch and other furniture? If you can answer this question with “yes”, you should place special blankets over all upholstery. If necessary, the special blankets can be cleaned without any problems. You can also use such a blanket in your car to protect the sensitive upholstery from hair.
Remove the animal hair

You have certainly tried more than once to remove all animal hair from your upholstered furniture, carpets or clothing. However, this will only work if you have really removed the fur remains everywhere. For example, if you have cleaned your trousers thoroughly and then sit down on your sofa, you can clean them again. You should therefore clean your trousers thoroughly at regular intervals – ideally several times a week.

The clothes brush is a great help to get hair out of your sofa and clothes. Unfortunately, even a clothes brush does not always help.

If all this does not help, put your clothes, pillows and blankets in your tumble dryer. Switch the dryer to cold and let it run. After that, all fabrics are free of animal hair – you can simply remove it from the sieve.

Animal hair on upholstered furniture can be easily removed with household gloves or a damp sponge. Simply use your hand or a sponge to push the hair into a pile. Then you can remove the big ball of hair from your sofa. You must be careful with rubber gloves, however, because if you plane over a fabric for too long, the rubber will become very warm and this will feel very uncomfortable on your skin.

Vacuum all fabrics and upholstery at regular intervals. Ideally, you should go through all the rooms where your pets are kept every day with your vacuum cleaner. Also remember to take extensive care of your pet’s sleeping area. Regular vacuuming will prevent lost fur from flying through your premises.

It is also important to vacuum underneath all furniture, where a lot of dust and animal hair usually collects.

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